Roshambo, our floating home. Check here for photos, regularily updated blog and stories of our adventures. Stuart, on South Hutchinson Island.

Specs: Roshambo is a Cal 3-46, as far as i can figure out there were about 25 3-46's made and close to 100 2-46's made. Both the designer and the manufacturer retired to a Cal 46. They are 46 feet long, 12'6" wide. Roshambo has a bridge clearance of 55 feet, draft of 5' and displacement of 31,000. Cutter rigged and driven by an 85hp Perkins she is a pretty quick bluewater cruiser.

Lots of Projects, so little time!

Since I haven't had nearly as much time to update lately, we've got a lot of projects in the works.
Current projects are:
Repair genny, small hole from stays
Replace rediculous roller furling set up on stay sail
Repair hole in main water tank.

Gallery Fixed

Doing updates and the gallery is now back up and running.

Back From the Bahamas

It was a great trip, we had a few little hiccups.  Dinghy motor ran like crap, one water tank was leaking, etc, etc...  all in all it was a great trip.  Weather was amazing, we got a lot of sailing in.  Visited green turtle cay and guana cay.
Adding photos from the dives now!

Getting Ready For The Bahamas

Well I dunno how "ready" we are getting, but I finally got the new Rocna 25 anchor mounted, can't wait to give it a whirl.  We haven't sat down and figured out what all we need to accomplish before we leave, but we will this weekend.

Head Repairs

About every 2 years the Electra Scan treatment system needs to be replaced.   Personally I would much rather replace it every two years then deal with a holding tank and pumping out, but it's still a nightmare.  

Port Lights are finally done!!

Holy crap that took a long time!  I have been working on the other boat quite a bit as of late.
Next up is replacing the electra scan.  Seems like they go bad about every 2 years, but it sure as hell beats pumping out and holding tanks!

Portlight project over half done!

Finished up the port side today, 5 down 3 to go.  It was too dark to take photos though.

Bahamas 2010 and Project Photos Added

Lots of new photos!! Click the gallery link!

deleted some users

I did an upgrade and deleted a few users, so you may have to re-register, sorry for the inconvenience.

Adding to the spares

Managed to find a rebuilt injection pump and bought a spare starter.


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